At this time, all the ships of the Japanese fleet had entered the waterway, and Guo Jia ordered the Ding Hong tears back to Ding Hao, but also quietly relieved. Once the muzzle of the gun against a head in front of all the young people, suddenly feel a burst of     .............................................. How can he explain such a strange scene? Ye Tianchen suddenly wants to see the monkey king, a legendary figure in the ancient martial arts wo Yang Kai frowned and said, "but as brother Zhagu said before, all the ink nests are separated from t No one thought that the queen, who was still in prison, dared to encourage the soldiers to put all t He was in a state of annoyance. How could he get a call from a silly fork. Li Hao is still in the state of seclusion. Zhugexin shrugged his shoulders, staring at the flaming girl's buttocks and laughing. This woman It didn't change my original intention, but changed the grammar to be both rigorous and regular Heiyao releases a black hole that can devour everything. It can increase self cultivation by swallow Originally, the jade rabbit princess said "marry him" is not a joke. There is nothing to blame for doing this position, and then I sat on it. In addition to his immortal body, Fang lie is also a man of great merit. If you want to control your own power and body perfectly, you still need more challenges to do it. Close behind ye cangsheng, purple Ming also called out, eyes in the light frightening people, extrem

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